ru·mi·na·tionˌ ro͞oməˈnāSH(ə)

Oxford: Deep or considered thought about something, or: the action of chewing the cud

  • Dissertation out

    My dissertation is (apparently) available for public consumption.

    The work forms the backbone for a book monograph on St. Augustine and the relevance of his teaching on the fall for political life and the common good. But in the meantime, all the current chapters are being revised and new ones added. So, consider this the opening statement of a lifelong (I hope) fascination with the interplay of Christian revelation and political philosophy.

  • My Purpose

    In this blog, I present short reflections, tidbits of scholarship and inquiry, and passing thoughts. I shall strive to be serious-minded, that is, meditating on enduring political and social questions. And yet, I shall strive for a light touch. Everyone hates a blog that takes itself too seriously. Therefore, I dub this blog “ruminations.”

    My goal is to give my readers a snapshot of the issues I’m considering and the problems I’m working on, in real time. This blog will serve in some respects as the central repository for articles I publish, in both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed outlets. You may find a full accounting of my work at Google Scholar and on my CV.

    I welcome your feedback.

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